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Exercise changes lives for the better. But far too many women avoid any form of physical activity because they think they don't look the part or are embarrassed about their bodies. That's why I created Athene Clothing. I want to help women feel proud of themselves and comfortable about exercising. And that often starts with the right apparel.

I understand what some women go through, particularly those who don't have the confidence to exercise. My first experience of regular exercise started with kettlebell classes and soon I was going to the gym and running. Then I found Thai boxing which has made such a difference to my life. I’ve suffered with anxiety in the past and exercise has helped me combat it by boosting my endorphins and lifting me up. Now I’m passionate about fitness and how exercise can help with physical and/or mental health.

My message is reinforced by how I market Athene clothing. Too many gym apparel brands promote their lines using ‘perfect’ looking models with six packs, thighs of steel and peachy squat bums. Not Athene.  Our advertising features real women who don’t care what they look like as long as they feel great and empowered to exercise.